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A Christmas Home by, Greg Kincaid narrated by, Mark Bramhall

A Christmas Home by, Greg Kincaid narrated by, Mark Bramhall

In the follow up to A Dog Named Christmas we are back with the McCray family as budget cuts have hit their town and the shelter funding has been cut off , the shelter is forced to close leaving not only the animals out in the cold but Todd out of a job. This book again hit me in the heart (see my personal aside at the end of this review) I felt so bad for Todd, but certain things in his life seem to be getting better he is living on his own now and is becoming closer to Laura another volunteer, but with the closing of the shelter that has meant so much to Todd he is having a hard time understanding why other people don’t care about the dogs as much as he does.

Greg Kincaid knows how to write a touching story without getting too sappy and the way he writes about the challenges Todd’s parents go through is so right on, I also liked the story between Laura & Todd and how just because of his condition doesn’t mean he is not a man and that she never treated him as anything but an equal and how the whole town rallied around Todd & the shelter was inspiring.

As with the last book Mark Bramhall’s narration is again storytelling at its best I have gone through and added many books to my wishlist just because he narrates them, he has become a favorite and I look forward to listening many more from him.

4 Stars

A personal aside: As I said in my review of A Dog Named Christmas I am the proud stepmother of a 30 year mentally disabled man and as the story was progressing about the shelter being closed I couldn’t help but personalize it. My son has been helping with the high school football team for 15 years it is his number one job, career choice and passion and I couldn’t help comparing the two situations with what if he ever lost that job with the football team and how crushed he would be, so there were a couple times I was close to tears just thinking about the hurt he would go through, it made this book very emotionally charged for me personally. Here is my son cheering on his football team who did in fact win the State football championships this year talk about a proud moment for him! Just writing this makes me very proud he is the star in our family if someone in our small town doesn’t know us, we say we are Nate’s parents and they know us right away because he is a rock star!
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