Thursday, December 20, 2012

Warm Bodies: A Novel by Isaac Marion narrated by, Kevin Kenerly

Warm Bodies: A Novel by Isaac Marion narrated by, Kevin Kenerly

This book was recommended by many friends and also the movie trailer peaked my curiosity, however this book did not blow me away as I expected, it’s a good , different story but I felt it bogged down a bit in the middle.

I am a big fan of the TV show Walking Dead it is pretty much the only zombie show I’ve liked and I haven’t read any other zombie books, so this was new territory for me. I did like the story as told by R as his brain (or soul) starts to come back to life it’s not an easy road but when the same thing starts to happen to other zombies, I as a reader was left wondering how? Do the zombies have a hive mind and because R starts coming back to life the others do? Is it Julie; is she some magical force that somehow re-ignites life? This was one of the main things that puzzled me, I guess I could kind of see R’s feelings for Julie making him start to heal but it confused me why the others started at the same time or did it have nothing to do with either of them and the “plague” had just run its course. Maybe I looked at this novel too cut and dry and that may have taken away from some of my enjoyment? Also the parts with Perry were a little confusing too did it last this long with all the people they ate or was he hanging on longer because of Julie?

Maybe I’m just odd that these are the questions I had and didn’t really think anything about how gross the relationship between a human and a zombie is? Maybe after all the vampire and werewolf/shifter books I’ve read I’ve grown wearisome of the whole human and “name your other species” love stories. I’m not sure.

I also am not sure if Kevin Kenerly the narrator had anything to do with this, his voice was very monotone and I think he was trying to get across the zombie thought and speech pattern but even when he was speaking as others it was a little one dimensional. Kevin was a new to me narrator and I see he narrates a book on my wishlist so I will give him another try on a non-zombie book.

I know a lot of people really loved this book, I only liked it as it was an interesting story but I felt like it fell apart a little about halfway through also I guess from the movie trailer I was expecting a little more humor (I know don’t judge a book by its movie) but maybe my expectations were too high and that also contributed to me not loving it. I did like it though so that is why it is a 3 Star book for me.

3 stars

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