Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Woman in the Photo by Mary Hogan narrated by, Tavia Gilbert & Cassandra Campbell

The Woman in the Photo by Mary Hogan narrated by, Tavia Gilbert & Cassandra Campbell

I enjoyed this book, the dual storyline was well done. I never knew about the Johnstown Flood before reading this book, what an awful event and I couldn’t help but sympathize with Elizabeth and her feelings that this tragedy was her family’s (and the other rich people at the South Fork Hunting Club) fault.  And what her reaction compared to rest of the members of the Club were heroic especially compared to the cowardly reaction from most of them. I also (of course) did some research and the pictures are just heartbreaking. **See the end of this review for some links**

In the present day storyline we have Lee searching for her bio mother and all that is in her file is finding out she is a different religion than she knew and an old picture of 2 women one woman looks so much like her they must be related and the other woman is familiar too and turns out to be Clara Barton founder of the American Red Cross. This begins her journey to discover her biological family and how is Clara Barton involved.

The dual narration by Tavia Gilbert & Cassandra Campbell is so well done they really draw you in to these two women.

I did as always like the historical story better than the present but I still liked this book as a whole. The historical story just held so much that I hadn’t heard about before so I was fascinated and horrified by what happened in Johnstown. But to find out how you were related to this event was interesting too.

I would recommend this book especially in audio.

4 Stars

And those that follow me know how much I love to research after reading a good historical fiction