Friday, November 30, 2012

A Dog Named Christmas by, Greg Kincaid narrated by, Mark Bramhall

I know it’s not quite December yet but I have a whole slew of Christmas books I want to read this year and besides just look at this cover could you resist that face I tried I really did I tried to wait till December but there was that face looking at me as I scrolled through my ipod, try to resist him I dare you!

A Dog Named Christmas by, Greg Kincaid narrated by, Mark Bramhall

I have to admit to having a weakness for Christmas stories that aren’t too sappy or preachy I also have a weakness for dog stories so this book filled the bill to perfection. I am also the mother of a mentally disabled son so Todd really touched my heart. This is a short and delightful book, it’s about so much more than the dog named Christmas it’s about healing and community and how one person’s good deed can change people’s thinking.

I really enjoyed George’s transformation throughout the book and how he and his wife Mary Ann as parents of a child with a disability have a hard time giving up the reigns as that child gets older in chronological age but not always in mental age which makes it even harder to let your child grow up. I see there is a second book and have downloaded it before I was halfway done with this one because I didn’t want this story to end. There is one part *No Spoilers* that I thought was going down a clichéd path and had me yelling at my speakers but luckily it did not go down that road!

Mark Bramhall narration was perfect, he is fast becoming a go-to narrator his voice is subtle yet the way he reads a book it feels like sitting across the kitchen table in rapt attention listening to a master storyteller. I will pick audio over paper everytime if I see he is narrating!

If you are a fan of Christmas reads, dog books or Mark Bramhall I highly recommend this delightful story!

4 stars

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