Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hi everyone,

Welcome to my little corner of the universe. I hope you will enjoy my reviews and ramblings. I am kind of random so you will never know what I may be posting about from day to day. I try to review every book I read no matter how little or how much I have to say. I recently got a Nook Color so I will be reviewing e-books, I am also an audiobook addict and lucky enough to be able to listen to them at work so I will be reviewing these too.

I am also a TV watcher and Netflix has become my favorite channel because I can watch a series from beginning to end. I have made my way through all the British shows they have available for streaming and have been on a 2 month marathon of the Stargate shows which have become a favorite I am now almost done with Stargate: Atlantis and will be giving my opinion on the entire series at a future date.

I am also the proud grandma of 2 fabulous children who are 6 & 3 and have inherited their grandma’s and mother’s love of reading.

I am lucky enough to be a librarian in a small town I do not have a degree I received the job because of my love & knowledge of books.

So now you see why I said I’d be rambling I do tend to do that I hope you all won’t mind.