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Christmas with Tucker by, Greg Kincaid narrated by, Mark Bramhall

Christmas with Tucker by, Greg Kincaid narrated by, Mark Bramhall

In Christmas with Tucker we go back to George McCray’s childhood it’s the year George’s father dies and his mother couldn’t bear to stay in Kansas so she moves to Minnesota but George stays on the farm with his grandparents when the biggest storms in history hits their small town, this is a true coming of age book as George helps out his grandfather and the whole town.

After reading Greg Kincaid’s other books to see George as a young boy was nice, George had a tough time of it after his father dies and when an old friend of his father’s ends up in jail George takes in his dog Tucker the two bond like crazy and the last thing George wants to do is give Tucker back.

This one is about so much more than Tucker though; it is about community, grief, healing and hard work. You see flashes of the man that George becomes, as George grows throughout the book into a man who needs to help out even if other people think he is too young but when conditions go from bad to worse George really steps up and I think this was the beginning of him being a pillar in the community since we know he grew up and inherited the farm from his grandparents.

The storm was almost a character in the book and it made me think of the blizzard of ’66 (I personally don’t remember this storm) but if you bring it up during coffee hour at any café in ND you will hear story after story about it, also being from ND I was able to truly envision the obstacles a road maintainer and farmer goes through when this kind of a storm hits.

Again we have Mark Bramhall narrating and as with the other books I can’t image anyone else being as perfect a narrator for these as he is!

Greg Kincaid just writes the truth I have enjoyed these down to earth true to life books and I look forward to more books from this author.

4 Stars

PS How can you resist the covers of all of Kincaid's books??

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