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I am an audiobook addict and audible is my dealer. I say this is the most loving way possible!

Hi my name is MissSusie and I am addicted to audiobooks I also love getting other people hooked on them it brings me so much pleasure when people I have turned on to audiobooks start talking about certain narrators that’s when you know you are hooked when you really start paying attention to who the narrators are.

So I have hemmed and hawed about the decision to become an audible affiliate and this isn’t so much about money as it is about getting more audiobooks! If you don’t want to click the links that is fine with me but if you do you will get deals on audiobooks and so will I.

I review books I have gotten from many different markets, The Audiobookjukebox, Librarything, Netgalley and Edelweiss. I do not get paid for these reviews I do receive a free book but I read and review them with my own tastes & opinions and no one tells or influences me what to write. The views I express on this blog are mine alone. I do not sell any book I receive I either give it to another reader or donate it. Receiving a free copy of a book in no way guarantees a positive review I will always be truthful about what I read. So, the books reviewed on this blog have either been provided to me free for a fair and honest review or I have purchased them myself or have checked them out from the library.
In accordance with the FTC guidelines.

 I also review books I have bought and paid for especially audiobooks I am an addict after all. As of this writing I have purchased 395 titles from Audible and have been a happy paying customer since 07/02/2010. This is the reason I decided to go with the audible affiliate program it is a company I trust and have been a very happy customer for 3 years.

Thank-you to everyone who reads my blog I hope you will continue to enjoy it even if I have joined an affiliate program.
Thanks again,

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