Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Secret Keeper by, Kate Morton narrated by, Caroline Lee

The Secret Keeper by, Kate Morton narrated by, Caroline Lee

Another great book from Kate Morton; she sure knows how to weave a story. This one is a story of secrets, family, murder and of learning the truth before its too late. When Laurel was a child she witnesses something very disturbing and now 40 years later her mother is dying and she sets out to find the truth behind what happened. But what she finds isn’t what she expects does she even know her mother at all. Her mom always said they were her second chance but from what or who?

As always Kate Morton blends the past and present story together with masterful ease, I had such a hard time turning this off (audio) I did not want to stop listening for a minute, this one grabbed me in the first 5 minutes and never let me go right up to the end. I started suspecting certain things **No Spoilers** and was glad when it confirmed I was right. I think the biggest lesson Laurel learned in this one was that the mother she knew and loved all her life was still that same woman even with all her secrets laid bare, it really didn’t change anything in her feelings towards her mother and I liked that.

The story of Dorothy’s past gave such a great feel of England during the blitz, how even with bombs dropping people tried to keep their chin up. I really felt the atmosphere of the time.

There was also a Doctor Who reference that made me love this author all the more!

Caroline Lee does the narration, and I just love the combination of these two women Caroline conveys Kate’s words better than I think anyone could, I also will forever say Zaaanzibaah (Zanzibar) the way Lady Gwendolyn does it was so perfect, right there I knew what this woman looked like and who this woman was! I highly recommend all of Kate Morton’s books on audio they are all read by the wonderful Caroline Lee!

If you can’t tell I love this author and will read whatever she writes and look forward to another book very soon!

4 ½ Stars

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