Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Kitchen House by, Kathleen Grissom narrated by, Orlagh Cassidy & Bahni Turpin

The Kitchen House by, Kathleen Grissom narrated by, Orlagh Cassidy & Bahni Turpin
Published by, Blackstone Audio
Length: 12 hours 55 Minutes

This book is getting revitalization lately thanks to book clubs discovering it; I listened to it back in December 2010 so I thought I would share my review of this fabulous audiobook! I think this is great book for a book club because it brings about a great conversation on what is family, also the slaves and indentured servants was there a difference? As I said, I read this in 2010 and as I am looking at this review I can still recall how this book made me feel and the emotions it evoked, that right there should tell you how great this book is!

This was a very good well written story it is sad but there was a lot of sadness for slaves. It is set in the late 1700’s & early 1800’s. Lavinia is an Irish immigrant whose parents died on the trip over so Lavinia is taken by the Captain as an indentured servant to pay-off the trip. She is dropped off at the kitchen house with the slaves/servants. Mama Mae takes her in and raises her as her own and Lavinia grows up being well loved by the family in the Kitchen House. This book is told in alternating chapters by, Lavinia & young slave girl Belle.

The characters in this book are so well written you care about all of them. Except Rankin but you hate him because he is written as so revolting! This book was just so wonderful, it shows that family isn’t blood and that blood doesn’t make you family. This book was at times so heartbreaking and may make you cry! Everyone in this book goes through their share of hardships and it isn’t a happy book but there is just something about the story that is beautiful. I just don’t know how to express it but to say I loved this book!

The narration by, Orlagh Cassidy & Bahni Turpin was wonderfully done, and both narrators brought these characters to life. The casting of these two voices couldn’t have been more perfect. Their characterizations were pure perfection. If you are planning to read this book I highly recommend it on audio.

5 Stars

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