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Stories: All-New Tales edited by, Neil Gaiman & Al Sarrantonio and written by various authors narrated by, Euan Morton, Katherine Kellgren, Jonathan Davis, Anne Bobby, & Peter Francis James

Stories: All-New Tales edited by, Neil Gaiman & Al Sarrantonio and written by various authors narrated by, Euan Morton, Katherine Kellgren, Jonathan Davis, Anne Bobby, & Peter Francis James

These stories weren’t really connected they had no common theme except life. I tried my best to figure out who narrated each story and I may be wrong on some if anyone can correct me I would be happy to change the narrator so I can give credit where credit is due. Some of these stories were very odd and most didn’t have a pat ending, some I enjoyed way more than others and I tried to say a little something about each of them.

About the narration-

I am now a fan of Euan Morton and I believe her will be added to my “Will listen to them read the phonebook list” so I think I will finally be listening to some Christopher Moore!

Katherine Kellgren was as always great, I just wish she had narrated more stories.

Anne Bobby showed her range in these stories and I enjoyed her narration and would listen to her again.

The two I had a hard time figuring out who narrated which were Jonathan Davis and Peter Francis James because they both have voices like butter I have been a fan of Jonathan since listening to Shadow of the Wind but Peter was a new to me narrator and in the one story Juvenal Nyx he sounded like Dion Graham and that is never a bad comparison I will look for more from this narrator.

The introduction by Neil Gaiman was a great story all on its own and of course it’s narrated by Neil so what else can I say.

Blood by, Roddy Doyle narrated by, Euan Morton Really liked the narrator of this one but it was a very odd story.

Fossil Figures by, Joyce Carol Oates narrated by, Ann Bobby was a creepy but interesting story I liked it

Wildfire in Manhattan- by, Joanne Harris narrated by, Jonathan Davis this was a story about gods/elements living in Manhattan it was interesting

The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountain by, Neil Gaiman narrated by, Euan Morton was wonderful! And great narration even after I was a little disappointed it wasn’t Neil himself.

Unbelief  by, Michael Marshall Smith narrated by, Peter Francis James it was just ok still trying to figure out if he was with his family at the end or if he was dead/a ghost

The Stars are Falling by Joe R. Lansdale maybe narrated by, Jonathan Davis…was a really good story I liked it a lot this was one of my favorite stories

Juvenal Nyx by, Walter Mosley was a very different story, not what I expected from this author narrated by, Peter Francis James who I thought sounded a lot like Dion Graham and did a very good job at the narration

The Knife by, Richard Adams narrated by Euen Morton Was a very short odd story that really made no sense

Weights and Measurements by, Jodi Picoult narrated by, Anne Bobby odd story about losing a child I think it was a metaphor about how you lose a part of yourself but done very oddly.

Goblin Lake by, Michael Swanwick narrated by, Jonathan Davis Was a very interesting story that I liked very much begs the question does a character in a book know they are a character?

Mallon the Guru by, Peter Straub narrated by, Peter Francis James was another odd story about life and death

Catch and Release by, Lawrence Block narrated by, Jonathan Davis was a really superb story very suspenseful and I could see an entire mystery novel written about this character.

Polka dots and moonbeams by, Jeffery Ford narrated by, Peter Francis James? Didn’t really make much sense to me just meh

Loser by, Chuck Palahniuk narrated by, Jonathan Davis? Was just meh didn’t really seem to have a point

Samantha’s Diary by, Diana Wynne Jones narrated by, Katherine Kellgren of course I didn’t have to look this one up to try to figure out who the narrator was and really with these two names could the story go wrong? A futuristic take on the 12 days of Christmas that was very funny!

Land of the Lost by, Stewart O’Nan narrated by, Anne Bobby Wish there would have been more of this one

Leif in the Wind by, Gene Wolf narrated by, Katherine Kellgren good Sci-Fi story, Would have liked more of this one too

Unwell by, Carolyn Parkhurst narrated by, Anne Bobby crazy old lady and her sister kind of funny kind of sad

A Life in Fiction by, Kat Howard narrated by, Katherine Kellgren  if someone writes a character slightly based on you are you real or do you become the fiction… interesting story

Let the past begin by, Jonathan Carroll narrated by, Jonathan Davis very odd story that I didn’t quite get

The Therapist by, Jeffery Deaver narrated by, Peter Francis James kind of a murder mystery, psychological thriller, with a touch of the supernatural, and conspiracy a good story… well it is Deaver after all 

Parallel Lines by, Tim Powers narrated by, Anne Bobby didn’t really get this story

The Cult of the Nose by, Al Sarrantonio narrated by, Peter Francis James just plain weird

Human Intelligence by, Kurt Anderson narrated by, Katy Kellgren an alien story with a heck of twist haha this was a good one!

Stories by, Michael Moorlock narrated by, Euan Morton A look at the life of a group of writers interesting story

The Maiden Flight of McCauley’s by, Elizabeth Hand narrated by, Jonathan Davis sort of sci fi another kind of odd one that lost me

The Devil on the Staircase by, Joe Hill narrated by, Peter Francis James kind of a Daniel Webster story

3 ½ stars

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