Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Century by, Anna Keesey narrated by, Tavia Gilbert

Little Century by, Anna Keesey narrated by, Tavia Gilbert
published by, Blackstone audio
Length: 10 Hours on 8 CD's

This was an interesting yet slow moving story. Esther is a city girl whose mother dies so she goes west to live with a relative he talks her into staking a claim on a piece of land which Esther thinks is hers and will always be hers but there is more to this “kindness” than meets the eye. Once Esther figures out the real reason behind it and what she has to do to keep her land things go from bad to worse. There is also a war raging in this little town between cattlemen and sheepherders and there is also the railroad and I think we all know they weren’t always the good guys!

There is a romance too, which forces Esther to choose sides in this war between the ranchers, plus some violence that opens Esther’s eyes. This story starts very slow and even once there is a big conflict it doesn’t pick up very much, don’t get me wrong it’s a good story it is just slow moving. It was nice to see Esther grow into a strong independent woman.

A good look at a time in our past when our country was just starting to really come into its own especially in the west, the homesteaders, the railroad, and women owning land, all new in this wild land.

Tavia Gilbert’s narration of the male voices took a little getting used to, but once I knew the characters it was fine. She did a great job at handling all the different characters and there were quite a few different males and females and her characterizations helped to keep all the characters straight.

I really hated the ending I’d rather know what happened to these people than this elusive I’m not going to tell you which I felt the author was trying to be clever for the sake of being clever.

This one was just kind of mid ground for me there were parts I liked and parts where I felt like screaming oh get on with it. If you like a slow moving western you may like this one more than I did.

3 stars for the book
4 stars for the narration
 So 3 ½ stars overall

I received this book from Audiobookjukebox Solid Gold reviewer program for a fair and honest review

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