Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Murphy's Law by, Rhys Bowen narrated by, Nicola Barber ~~ArmchairAudies

Murphy's Law (Molly Murphy Mysteries #1) by, Rhys Bowen narrated by, Nicola Barber

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Nominated for an Audies in the Solo Female narration category

Nicola Barber’s narration is well done, she has many different accents in this book from Irish to American to a little Italian, and her male voices are also very good. I enjoyed her narration and I think it added to my enjoyment of this book.

Molly Murphy accidently killed a man after he attacked her it was self-defense but she ran away and ran all the way to America under an assumed name. While waiting to get through Ellis Island another man is murdered and Molly was seen arguing with him hours before his death and becomes a suspect in the murder. Molly decides to investigate and of course things don’t go well.

I did enjoy the descriptions of New York City in this time period (the early 1900’s) how Molly was expecting Americans and found that NY City was really just a bunch of little countries that didn’t mix with each other, when she is out trying to find a job and runs into ladies that make shirts but the boss won’t hire her because she isn’t Italian, and how the Irish all live in one area and the Italians in another and so on and so forth with all the different ethnic groups not wanting anything to do with each other. Also the descriptions of Tammany Hall and the corruption there was interesting too.

This was more of a whodunit than a mystery as Molly tries to find the man she saw the night of the murder, she takes a liking to the good looking police man who seems to be the only one that believes she is innocent. You can guess what happens with them by the end of the book.

This is a good historical cozy with characters you come to like, Bowen is a good author and I liked Molly, but I do like Georgiana from the Royal Spyness series better, however I would pick up another one of these up to see where Molly goes from here.

3 ½ Stars

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