Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hush Money by Chuck Greaves Narrated by Dan Butler

Hush Money by Chuck Greaves Narrated by Dan Butler
Received from AudioGo for a fair and honest review
LENGTH 12 hrs

This was a new to me author and narrator and only picked it up because it is nominated for an Audie award in the mystery category.

When the book started I thought ok it’s a legal thriller, then we have a death of a horse and all that goes along with the hoity toity horse crowd, then we have a murder and some medical mystery so this is hard to categorize. I enjoyed the main character lawyer Jack MacTaggert he was somewhat cynical, and has a dry sense of humor. I see there is a second book coming out and I will be picking it up because I did enjoy this character.

You don’t have to be a horse person to enjoy this book but if you enjoy Dick Francis give this one a try. I am curious where Jack will end up going from here because the events at the end of this book left a few questions hanging out there.

Dan Butler’s narration was good but I’m honestly not sure if it was award worthy. He had a few different characterizations but they weren’t always consistent, but his narration of the main character was well done and I felt he captured Jack’s snarky humor very well. I would listen to other narrations by Dan Butler.

Not sure what else to add… this was a solid mystery and a good start to a new series that I will probably continue to read.

3 ½ Stars


  1. Sounds a little all over the place - legal, medical, horsey. On the other hand, I do like a character with a dry sense of humor.

  2. It was very hard to identify what kind of mystery/thriller it was but was still an interesting read.