Thursday, February 14, 2013

Safe House by Chris Ewan, narrated by, Simon Vance

Safe House by Chris Ewan, narrated by, Simon Vance
Unabridged 10 hours 53 minutes
Full Disclosure: I received this audiobook from the Audiobookjukebox and the publisher AudioGo for a fair and honest review.

This was my first Chris Ewan but it definitely won’t be my last! On the Isle of Man Rob Hale a heating and plumbing guy who is also a motorbike racer takes a job at a remote plantation house to fix the water heater when he arrives a shifty man with sunglasses on answers the door and shows him to the garage while doing the work a beautiful woman named Lena shows some interest in Rob and asks for a ride on his bike, he comes back that next day and they go riding and crash when Rob wakes up in the hospital and asks about Lena no one seems to know what he’s talking about they say he was alone on the bike and this is where our mystery begins. There is not only the mystery of Lena and what happened to her but it somehow connects to the death of Rob’s sister with the help of private detective Rebecca, Rob sets out to find out just what is going on. 

I enjoyed this mystery very much it kept me guessing till the end, it had so much going on but I never got confused by all the characters and side stories that all end up back at the same place. I also enjoyed the fact that there was nary a swear word in this hard edged thriller that was refreshing!  I enjoyed the character of Rob it was nice to have an everyday man as our hero and also to have a very strong woman in the character of Rebecca she was tough and in charge without being over the top.  I also like the fact that there was a bit of humor in the character of Rob’s grandpa and he was just that, a character!

There is so much going on in this book that I don’t want to say too much because it may give things away and ruin this book for you, so I will just say this is a great mystery/thriller that I highly recommend on audio!

Simon Vance’s narration is as usual phenomenal he has such a great range of accents and inflection, accents for Rob and the other residents of The Isle of Man were great and he also had an American, a few different Europeans and Londoners accents each done with ease. Simon is always a go to narrator I will always pick the audiobook over the paper book if he is narrating!

As I said this is my first book by this author and I will be getting his Good Thief’s books especially since they are also narrated by the wonderful Simon Vance.

4 Stars

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