Thursday, January 24, 2013

Turn Left-Companion Books- Frozen & Out of the Easy

I just finished reading Frozen by, Mary Casanova( my review here) and Out of The Easy by Ruta Sepetys (my review here) and I think Josie and Sadie Rose could have been friends I will be recommending people read both back to back. Out of the Easy’s Josie is Sadie Rose if her mom had lived, the two books together would be an interesting discussion., I just found it fascinating reading these two books back to back, Sadie Rose’s prostitute mother died she grew up in a fancy house and wanted for nothing but her voice, Josie oh she’s got a voice but she also has a mother who still lives in the brothel. These 2 books are kind of a “turn left” situation when read together. Although set on opposite end of the country and decades apart Sadie Rose in 1920 Minnesota and Josie is in the Big Easy in the 1950’s I think they make very good companion books.
Both of these books will leave you thinking about these characters long after the last page and I think for either bookclubs or even highschool classes these two books are fascinating back to back.

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