Saturday, January 19, 2013

Audiobooks on Twitter Part 2

Audiobooks on Twitter Part 2

I decided to make a second post with a link to the original Audiobooks on Twitter Part 1 the audiobook world is growing exponentially we have 55 new people since the last list in June 2012.
I hope anyone seeking out your favorite narrator ,audiobook publishers, bloggers or people like me who are audio addicts , will find this list helpful and will come join the audiobook explosion. Oh and by the way I am @MissSusie66
Authors write the words, but for audiophiles a narrator brings those words to life and I thank them.

Here are some narrators to follow on twitter:

Jenna Lamia @JennaLamia
OfficiallyEuanMorton @OfficiallyEuanM
Luke Daniels @luckylukeekul
Stina Nielsen @StinaNYC
Adam Verner @adam_verner
Mike Vendetti @AudioBookByMike
Stefania Lintonbon @AudioMysteryTym
Ann Simmons @asimmons208
Quiana Goodrum @QuianaGoodrum
carol monda @fyodor1881
Karen Richter @KarenRichter18
Peter Ganim @ganimaniac
Andi Arndt @andi_arndt
Matilda Novak @MatildaNovak
Christina Delaine @ChrisDelaine
Larry Oliver @olivervoiceover
Pamela Lorence @LorencePamela
Nicole Poole @WordsmiffAudio
Catherine Gaffney @cathgaff
ErinMallon @ErinMallon
Lisa Cordileone @lisacordileone
Joshua Swanson @Joshua_Swanson

Bloggers & Audioreviews & Audiophiles:

Mary Burkey @mburkey
Jeff Harris @audiobookfan
Brenda Lee @AudioGal2
AudioGals @AudioGals
Laura Ashlee @owltellyou
Audiobiliophile @AudioBookRev
Michael Alatorre @le0pard13
Melissa @Mimmibklvr
Jen (ABookandaLatte) @bookandlatte
DianaDC @Saschakeet
DWD's Reviews @DWDsReviews
Baby Bat Krista @Cubicleblindnes
Laurie Cavanaugh @lacavanaugh

AudioBook Biz:

miette @miette
Ambling Books @AmblingBooks
Larry Gibson @LarryGibson8
Irie Parker @ParkerIrie
Melanie Donovan @msdonovan1
Chris Barnes @ChrisBarnesVA

AudioBook Publishers:

ACX @acx_com @downpour_com
AudioGO Library @AGOLibrary
Brick Shop Audiobook @BrickShopAudio
AudioComics @AudioComics
Bolinda audio @BolindaAudio
WeProduceAudiobooks @AudiobookProdcr
Isis Publishing @Isisaudio
Whole Story Audio @WholeStoryAudio
Brook Forest Voices @BrookForestVoic
Distant Spires @DistantSpires
W. F. Howes Ltd @WFHowes

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