Thursday, June 7, 2012

Audiobooks on Twitter #JIAM2012

As an audiobook fan, Twitter is the place to be you get the chance to chat with your favorite narrators, give audiobook publishers your feedback , get a glimpse behind the scenes in the audiobook publishing world, and follow bloggers that know their stuff when it comes to audiobooks.
It was really fun to follow along with the live tweeting from the Audies Tuesday night . Though I will admit there are times it hard not to go all fangirl which I try to keep in check the best I can, but I will admit to squeeing at times when my favorite narrators respond to one of my tweets…Luckily they can’t hear me!!

Audiobooks on twitter Part 2- Here

By the way I am Susie S. @MissSusie66

Feel free to add anyone I missed in the comments Twitter was being a real pain in my… you know what …while I was trying to put this list together!

Here are some narrators to follow on twitter


Sally Blake

Bloggers & Audioreviews

AudioBook Biz:

AudioBook Publishers:

Add Ons From Comments:
John @SciFiAudiobooks
Tanya Eby ‏@Blunder_Woman
LATheatreWorks ‏@LATheatreWorks
Kate Reading ‏@Anglojen
Laurie C ‏@baystateRA

Erin Bennett ‏@theerinbennett

kathe mazur ‏ @kathemazur

Anna Parker-Naples - @AnnaParkerNaple


  1. This is a great list, and I need to go over it with a find tooth comb later.

    A few narrators I would add, most recent twitter discoveries:

    Cynthia Barrett ‏ @Barrettcyn
    Emily Bauer ‏ @EmilyBauerVOX
    Michael Goldstrom ‏ @goldstrom
    Casey Holloway ‏ @CaseFace83

    Also, John Grace from Brilliance Audio scifi division tweets as @scifiaudiobooks

  2. Thanks for the excellent resource, Susie. I picked up quite a few new tweeps to follow.

    One suggested addition in the narrator category:

    Tanya Eby can be found @Blunder_Woman

  3. Great thanks I will try to add the clickable links to any suggestions in the comments at the end of the post!

  4. I cannot wait to get home and sync my follows with your list. This is amazing!

  5. Thanks Jen I sure hope people find it useful!

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  7. Sorry MissSusie - it appears my post went astray as I tried to comment from a sketchy vacation wi-fi ;-)
    This is an amazing compilation! Could I please feature your list & a link to this post on my blog?

  8. That would be great Mary the more people it reaches the better always happy to spread the audiobook love!

  9. Hey
    I'd love to be added to the list. I'm a British narrator, with 30 titles.
    Anna Parker-Naples - @AnnaParkerNaple