Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Summer Immersion Into the Stargate Franchise

Now that I have finished my summer immersion into all things Stargate I suppose I should get my thoughts down. And I really do mean immersion I watched all 3 series back to back every night and weekend all summer that is 349 episodes of Stargate. I enjoyed the humor in all of them well SGU didn’t have much humor but SG-1 & Atlantis had just the right amount! All in all these shows were a great summer escape and SG-1 may be a yearly one!

I enjoyed all the incarnations however none lived up to the original SG-1, I enjoyed the chemistry of the original 4 they are SG-1 to me you just can’t go wrong with Sam (Amanda Tapping) Daniel ( Michael Shanks) & Teal’c ( Christopher Judge) & Of course Jack O’Neill ( Richard Dean Anderson), it took me awhile to warm up to Mitchell (Ben Browder) but I really enjoyed Vala’s (Claudia Black) character she was fun and spunky and was good for a laugh. I have heard these two Black & Browder starred in Farscape and that because I haven’t watched that series I didn’t get certain references in episode 200 which was hilarious by the way. So after I have watched Farscape I plan to go back and watch episode 200 again.I do think that Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) became a bit a caricature of himself ala the 200th episode and more and more in his recurring roles in Atlantis & SGU. The movies Ark of Truth & Continuium closed up the stories left hanging in when the series ended.

I enjoyed Stargate Atlantis however they did sometimes feel like regurgitated SG-1 episodes. I however did love the Douglas Adams references! I of course liked Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa) especially since I watched this after he was Khal Drogo in A Game of Thrones and now he will be playing Conan, a movie I didn’t care about till I saw who was playing him!

*************Spoiler Alert**************

My other favorite character was Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion) and when sad things happened I was upset then relieved when happy things happened is that unspoily enough well I put a warning just in case

SGU is a much darker incarnation of the Stargate franchise although well acted it just doesn’t have what the earlier shows had but I am still hooked and wondered where it would go and then came the last episode…

******SPOILER ALERT******

****RANT ALERT**********

Really that’s how you’re going to end it they all go into stasis and we don’t know if Eli was able to fix the problem and go into stasis too????!!?? I think fans at least deserve a 3 years later movie come on give us something more!

All in all these shows were a great summer escape and SG-1 may be a yearly one!

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