Thursday, May 22, 2014

Armchair Audies Mystery Category Wrap Up~And the winner is...

Armchair Audies Mystery Category Wrap Up

I didn’t review all of these on my blog some I didn’t have much to say about them (Links take you to full review where available):

                                           And the winner is …
#1- Heirs and Graces (Royal Spyness, Book #7; by Rhys Bowen; Narrated by Katherine Kellgren; Audible, Inc.) – Katherine Kellgren’s narration was as always Amazing. I kind of feel sorry for anyone else in an Audie category that is up against Katherine Kellgren because she is so amazing. There are so many characters in this book with very different accents and each and every person sounds different and is distinct. Some of the accents in this book were; high brow English, Australian, cockney, Irish, male and female, kids and grown-ups all done absolutely flawlessly. No other book in the mystery category had this many accents and characters done so well.

#2- Rage Against theDying (by Becky Masterman; Narrated by Judy Kaye; Macmillan Audio)- Judy Kaye’s narration was fabulous all of the characters and accents were very well done. She did a few different accents which felt authentic especially since the main accents were male characters it was very impressive.

#3- He’s Gone (by Deb Caletti; Narrated by Cassandra Campell; Tantor Media)- Cassandra Campbell’s narration was really good, she had just the right amount of emotions in her voice and when Dani is feeling overwhelmed and frantic the narration conveys this superbly. As always Cassandra’s narration is very well done.

#4- Death and the Lit Chick (A St Just Mystery, Book #2; by G.M. Malliet; Narrated by Davina Porter; Dreamscape Media, LLC)- Davina Porter is one of the best narrators out there you can’t go wrong with her narrations, this was a cute cozy and Davina was great as always.

#5- Unleashed (Andy Carpenter, Book #11; by David Rosenfelt; Narrated by Grover Gardner; Listen & Live Audio)- Grover Gardner’s narration was well done but at times just a straight read, I do like his voice though so I still enjoyed this one.

#6- The Enemy of My Enemy (Brainrush, Book #2; by Richard Bard; Narrated by R.C. Bray; Richard Bard)- I’m not sure what to say about R.C. Bray’s narration it was very urgent even when he was saying things like I’m going to sit over there (just an example), it also reminded me a bit of William Shatner. I will be honest I did not finish this book but I listened to 3 hours and that was enough to tell me that it would not beat Katherine Kellgren.


  1. SO true about K Kellgren. It was actually tough to pick someone else over her for Teen, even though I sincerely believe in my choice. Also, I agree about her narration of the Bowen series - such a delight.

  2. So which one in the Teen category did you pick?