Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Night Broken by, Patricia Briggs

Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8) by,  Patricia Briggs

Loved it!! As always Patricia Briggs writes a fantastic book!

Mercy is again chased a big baddy but this time it is because of Adam’s ex- Christy, and what an awful piece of work this woman is! She plays people off each other and makes them feel sorry for her, but I thought Mercy handled it beautifully. I felt so sorry for Jessie being in the middle I thought she handled it very maturely and always made sure Mercy knew she didn’t feel the same as her mother, she has matured into a very impressive young lady.

We also got a reappearance of Coyote and one of the Grey Lords but our big bad in this book is a volcano God Guayota and if you do some research as Patty did you’ll find that this is an actual myth the big dogs and Tibicenas all come from a real myth which is so neat. We also meet Mercy’s “brother”  Gary Laughingdog another child of Coyote I look forward to seeing where this relationship goes.

We also found out some new things about Tad and I sure hope everything works out for him, but maybe we will get to have Zee back in the next book, I have a feeling from some hints at the end that we may have a trip into “fairyland”(the fae rez) in the next book.

I felt the ending was very abrupt , and really wanted more, of course these books could be a thousand pages and I would probably still want more! I wish I didn’t have so long to wait for the next one!

Some other random thoughts:
I was hoping Guayota would burn down Adam's house so they could start over with house that is his and Mercy's alone, not one that was decorated & lived in by Christy when she and Adam were married!

Wish Bran would have made an appearance guess we have to wait for the next  Anna & Charles book for that.

I love Adam & Mercy and was happy with how she handled Christy especially the ending that made me laugh out loud! And I am so glad Adam is such a good man and that his and Mercy’s mate bond is so strong that it didn't turn into an idiotic triangle.

Loved Honey in this book she's really coming into her own since Peter died and I think Mercy has a potential friend in Honey.

Will be curious to see how the Joel thing plays out.

So much good stuff in this book, and so much more to look forward to in future books. I love this series it just gets better and better.

5 Stars

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