Monday, January 20, 2014

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd narrated by, Jenna Lamia & Adepero Oduye

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd narrated by, Jenna Lamia & Adepero Oduye

I maybe shouldn’t have started this one so soon after finishing The Wedding Gift because there were some similarities, but this book was different in that Sarah Grimke was a real person. The other similarity between The Wedding Gift and this book was the slave, Handful, was always hoping to escape she and her mama saved money so that they could finally get away and be free. But of course things don’t work out as hoped.

Sarah was so far ahead of her time that when she was gifted a slave on her 12th birthday she asked her daddy for remuneration paper so she could free said slave when she turned of age. As she grew older she was also not only an abolitionist but also suffragette at this time in our country's history these two and hand-in-hand.

There were times in this book when I wanted something happy to happen, just anything even a tiny thing but it never did. But this is probably more true to the real circumstances of these women’s lives.

I love Sue Monk Kidd’s writing and this was a good story if not at all happy. This book also had real people so I had a lot of fun researching after I was done. I loved the alternating chapters between Sarah & Handful because sometimes the same event was seen so differently from each woman’s viewpoint it was very fascinating.

The narration by Jenna Lamia & Adepero Oduye was absolutely spot on. As always Jenna was great as Sarah and new to me narrator Adepero Oduye was fantastic as Handful, I would definitely listen to more books by her. These two were great choices for these two women and all the secondary characters.

Fans of southern fiction won’t want to miss this one. I also learned a lot about Sarah Grimke that I never knew because I had never heard of her and that is sad because she did some amazing work.

4 Stars

Full Disclosure: I did receive an early review copy of this from Netgalley but then I saw that Jenna Lamia was one of the narrators so waited and bought the audiobook.

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