Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Storycatcher by, Ann Hite narrated by, Allyson Johnson

The Storycatcher by, Ann Hite narrated by, Allyson Johnson

This was a very unique ghost story, or haint story, because that’s what they call ghosts on Black Mountain. But there are times when it gets a little confusing because there are so many stories and characters and there were times I had forgotten who was dead and who was alive because the ghosts felt like flesh and blood people going about their business, although that is also what made this book so unique.

These haints are everywhere on the mountain just not everyone can see them, and there is one that is a  storycatcher she catches peoples stories , which is usually the secrets and lies, the hurts done and takes it upon herself to right these wrongs in any way she can. And there are a lot of secrets on Black Mountain and the Rev. Dobbs holds a doozy and he will pay one way or another for it.

I truly enjoyed the writing and felt the characters were well fleshed out but there are a lot of them and there is back and forth in time too with some of the stories but once you get them straight in your head you need to hear more about each and every one of them and the strands of how it all fits together makes for a fascinating story.

Allyson Johnson was a new to me narrator and I was very impressed with her narration she moved smoothly from female to male and from old lady to young girl. Her southern women seemed very real the accent didn’t sound faked or forced in any way. I will be finding more books narrated by her.

This was my first Ann Hite book and for sure won’t be my last I truly enjoyed how she weaved this story and can tell she is a master storyteller, I look forward to reading more books by her.

4  Stars


  1. Thank you so much, Miss Susie!! It was a true joy to narrate this evocative story, along with its companion novella, "Lowcountry Spirit". And it's always heart warming when someone else appreciates an author's prose as much as I do.

  2. I need to listen to that one yet, I wish you could do the narration for the first book Ghost on Black Mountain so sad there isn't an audio version of that one too. Look forwarding to listening to more from you!