Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Boy in the Suitcase (Nina Borg #1) by Lene Kaaberbøl, Agnete Friis Narrated by, Katherine Kellgren

Audie Nominated in Solo Female Narration:The Boy in theSuitcase (Nina Borg #1) by Lene Kaaberbøl, Agnete Friis Narrated by, Katherine Kellgren--

This was a good thriller/mystery that kept me wanting to read more. The story is told by two women, Nina who finds the boy in the suitcase and Sigita the mother of the child trying to piece together exactly what happened and trying to find her son. These two women have both lived hard lives and have both done things they regret but unbeknownst to each other are both trying to save the boy.

As the story plays out you’re never sure the reason behind everything so you are compelled to keep going so you can have your answers and to see if all these characters will get their happily ever after. And when the reason is slowly brought to light it wasn’t what I expected at all.

This has been hyped up and compared to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I for one was not a big fan of GWTDT so I am happy to report that I liked this book much better! I’d recommend this to anyone who likes thrillers/mysteries and likes strong female leads. I hear this is a first in the series and if there is more I would definitely read more by this author.

Audio Production: This was my first Adult book narrated by, Katherine Kellgren and as always she does a wonderful job, I just love the timbre of her voice. She also does all the different eastern European accents very well. A job well done!
This is up for an Audie Award in the Solo Female Category and I think this is definitely a contender for winning the award, I have one more to listen to it is a children’s book narrated by Katherine Kellgren as well.

4 Stars

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