Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Call The Midwife:Armchair Audies Solo Female Narration

Armchair Audies Solo Female Narration

Here is one nominee I have already listened to, click title for my full review and here I will just say what I thought of the narration:

Call The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times (The Midwife Trilogy #1) by Jennifer Worth narrated by, Nicola Barber
From: HighBridge Audio
Length:12 hours 2 minutes

About the narration:

I first want to start off saying I was a bit leery of this one on audio as I had a previous experience with Nicola Barber that I felt didn’t go well, but what I found in this narration was really good, much better than I had been expecting and made me not look twice whenever I see she has narrated a book.
Here is what I said in my review: Nicola Barber narration is very well done, going from British to Irish to Cockney accents all seamlessly. CD #6 felt like it ended in the middle of a sentence, but the way some of these stories just trail off I could be wrong about that.
Which I admit wasn’t much but I was very impressed with all the myriad of accents she had to go through and thought she did very well with each of them.

Nicola Barber’s narration was well done but not sure if it will top my list in the end.


  1. I hate when discs end in the middle of a paragraph or with no mention that it is the end of the disc. I have been listening to Boy in the Suitcase and it totally does that. At the end of every disc so far, I end up just staring at my stereo, waiting for a character to finish what they're talking about. Dead silence.

    I'm not sure if I've listened to Nicola Barber before, I'll have to check, but I'm glad to hear the narration for this one is entertaining.