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Netflix Streaming review of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I was always a fan of Angel and not Buffy but I thought I’d revisit Buffy since it’s on Netflix and it is Joss Whedon the 1st season I’m still not liking it as much as Angel, however it did grow on me by the end.

 It is fun to see some of the stars & guest stars as teens like Xander is Garcia’s boyfriend on Criminal Minds and of course HIMYM’s Lily and in season 1 Duke from Haven and in the episode “I Robot...You Jane” Ash from Supernatural, also in this episode the demon Malcolm is the voice of Mark Deakins who is a great audiobook narrator! And another audiobook connection is that narrator/actor Robin Sachs plays Ethan Rayne, a recurring character, and of course the always wonderful James Marsters as Spike is also an audiobook narrator of the Dresden Files. Other notable guest stars have been Amy Adams, White Collars Mozzie, John Ritter, Psych’s Kirsten Nelson, and Nathan Fillion in what has got to be his creepiest role ever!

 Now that I am on season 4 of Buffy I am finding all the Buffy would kill the sparkly vampire jokes more ironic than funny because I think Buffy is right up there in angst with Bella, she moons over Angel just as bad as Bella ever did over Edward. Plus there are actually a lot of similarities between the two- the love at first sight, the oh no he pushed me away because he thinks he’s bad for me, he broke up with me on prom night and I just want to cry, and her woe is me attitude in most episodes does get annoying.

 Since I was always an Angel fan but didn’t watch Buffy it has been interesting to see the evolution of Cordelia and Wesley, and helps me understand their characters more than I did before. I think one of my favorite characters is of course Spike! James Marsters is probably my favorite character of all on the show he has the best lines and just plays his part so well! My second favorite is Oz with Willow in close second I enjoy the scenes of them together.

Random Thoughts
 • The stunt doubles are so obvious.
 • It’s funny when watching this and thinking how much more they could have done with cell phones! They finally get cell phones in the final season but everyone seems to forget them all the time.

 Season five beginning was very confusing with Buffy suddenly having a sister it is eventually explained but still very confusing and off putting. I still like Willow but miss Oz, and Spike is so hilarious! Buffy is getting a little less angsty but now we have Dawn who has taken over the angst.

 Season 6 and still loving Spike even more than ever...The musical episode was great! Dawn just gets more annoying though as the season progresses.

 Final thoughts…I did enjoy this series more than I thought I would sometimes Buffy was very annoying but I got more and more James Marsters as the series went on so that made me happy..I will try not to go all James Marsters fangirl on you! But honestly he is the best part of the series!

 Joss Whedon is such a master of the ensemble cast he makes sure everyone is important and they all get camera and story time I don’t know any director that gets it done as well as he does.

 The final episode brought about the end very well and was a good ending except for a certain characters death but it seems like that might have been an illusion but will let you know after I watch Angel in full again!

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