Thursday, February 16, 2012

Collapse of the Veil by Alison Lohans , Narrated by Arielle Lipshaw

Collapse of the Veil by Alison Lohans Narrated by Arielle Lipshaw
Audio Production by,iambik


Collapse of the Veil is the first book of the Passage Through Time series.

Escaping her home routine for a few hours, 16-year-old Katie grabs her bike and leaves behind her cranky baby, hyperactive brother and struggling single mom. Flopping down in a field to rest, Katie brushes against an enchanted willow and falls into a dying world far in the future. The few survivors cling to their lore - tales of terrible destruction that are about to fall upon Katie's home.

Time travel, psychic phenomena and human emotion all play key roles in the juncture of these two vastly diverse societies. Katie must set aside the normal goals of a typical teenager and decide if she can be the one to help save her two worlds.

My Thoughts/Review:

16 year old teen mom Katie is having a hard time dealing with being a mother and dealing with her own mother, she loves her son Tyler but it is a lot to deal with. While out for a walk she sits on a rock and is transported somewhere else there are no city noises and she hears voices talking about a child...her child? She thinks she must have fallen asleep for a few minutes and had a very vivid dream; she goes home to discover she has been gone for hours. A few days later while out with her son and friend Loren he and Tyler walk off into some bushes and disappear she runs after them only to discover herself back in this otherworld that is not a dream.

It turns out these future people think her son is the child of prophecy that will save them all and now Katie, Loren & Tyler are taken into in this otherworld because her son is considered the Tolarae (sp audiobook), but it isn’t just Tyler that seems affected by this otherworld for some reason Loren can now hear Katie’s thoughts and their leader says he has dreamed about him too. They also need Loren for other things…these future people can no longer *cough* repopulate. They do get back to their own world but things in the present are starting to get weird too. (No spoilers)

This is supposed to be the a future world but it felt more like a Fae world to me, and there were times it was a bit confusing , like how did this time warp work?, why don’t these future people know anything about our “past” world? How far in the future is this? I think I have an easier time taking in the whole story thinking of it as a fae world instead of a future world. Even Katie says things like why does he speak in an old fashioned language which I thought yes why is that, because this is supposed to be the future right??!!??

But that isn’t to say I didn’t really enjoy this story. I guess it is a book one in a series and I will definitely be watching for the next one. It is an intriguing story that does keep you guessing as to how everything came about and how the past, present and future fit together and what it all has to do with this one little boy. I think my rating would have been higher if this was a fae story that it was time travel/warp was a bit confusing but I have faith that this will become clearer as the series progresses because this was well written and did grab me enough to make me want the rest of the story now!

The audio production from iambik was very well done with narration by, Arielle Lipshaw also very well done. I really enjoyed her narration she brought the story to life very well. I would definitely listen to this narrator again and would also recommend iambik productions.

I am not sure if this book is only available in audio but I would like a paper copy for the library too.

3 ½ Stars

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it! I had a great time recording this book and am looking forward to doing book 2 as well.

  2. You're very welcome I sure hope book 2 comes out soon!